How do we develop your project ?

1. Briefing

During the first contact, we establish the specification according to your project. We study its complexity and the functionalities you need as well as the objectives you want to achieve. It is important for the process continuation to have a project with strong foundations.

2. Wireframe

After designing the directory of your website and receiving the content (texts and medias), we realize various layout of each page. The objective is to define the elements disposal.

3. Design

On the wireframes base, we realize designs adapted to mobile screens, tablets and laptop, of the different blocks that make up your site. Then we combine them to visualize the structure of the main pages.

4. Developpement

This last step before the uploading aims at optimizing codes to ease your site and make it more efficient, thus improve its referencing with search engines. Finally, we put in place a CMS software that allows you to modify the content at any time.

5. Formation

It is interesting to know how to manipulate his own project. This is why we offer the possibility to form you on the CMS software implemented.


Our digital experiences

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